follow through.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

unfinished| in the spirit of

i cant find my glasses, the super regular jawns, so im stuck wearing my ~statement~ pair cuz if i dont wear any assistive eyewear at all, i will die. 

no exaggeration.

that aside, i noticed recently that i have an evergrowing collection of "unfinished" and "in progress" pieces, and i didn't care so much at first but then the realization brought on all these exemplary revelations of how i always start things and never finish them in so many areas and sectors of life, not at all limited to art. –super quick to drop something and (mostly) forget about it until i remember again. 

yay. self reflection.

now, this and next month's theme is FOLLOW THROUGH, which i initially had a better, more succinct, word for but by the time i started typing this sentence i forgot what it was entirely. so nevermind.

another from the "in progess" series.

the girls get busy too, and all their creations are my favorite things. they're sh-tting on me, easily.

lilo's never looked better.

the teeth. amazing. 

when keif is in town.

started telling panera to "make my sh-t the ocky way!" when i pull up.

i know what you did last summer

speaking of, i watched the 1997 THRILLER! HIT! CLASSIC! i know what you did last summer with my teenaged nieces recently and we all reacted genuinely to most of the jump scares, which is saying a lot, but we def spent some time in collective confusion at the ending. the plot twist mighta been twisting a lil too hard for us.

when the movie first came out, my dad took me and my siblings to go see it in theaters. i was EIGHT years old and TERRIFIED the ENTIRE time. 
.........why would he do that. what do dads be thinking lmao??