to: slim

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

once upon a time, during what now feels like an entire past life, i was an eminem fan of near "stan" proportions. it started exactly in '99 when i first heard slim shady lp and the obsession just catapulted to absurdity at a rapid pace from there. eventually, i'll dedicate a day to going through my mom's garage, where all my storage is, and recollect all the individual pieces of what made up my personal eminem shrine.

tiara, friend since 7th grade/bestfriend since 8th, can confirm that my locker went crazy with various "MBM III + ME ❤️" sentiments. she was mostly supportive, for which i am forever grateful lol.


sean ordered my burrito for me the other day,- which, you know, no problem, cuz he's heard me recite it too many times to count over the years, right? yet, somehow, the burrito came out tasting soo much better with his method of ordering than it has in the longest time from my style of ordering? like-?? would love to better understand the science behind that.

had to run this classic back for old time's sake, and can affirm that my mom's used to go way harder than mine 😭 but the major takeaway here is that im forever in support of ketchup with, and on, eggs.


took the girls to a showcase at this newly built art gallery out our way– GORGEOUS, btw– featuring the work of some local kids. it was all so impressive. the girls barely seemed to care at all lol but they're naturally creative, so, if nothing else, they can tuck the inspiration in their subconscious and tap in whenever/if ever necessary sometime down the road.

in the interim, we move.


 leave me and my girlfriend alone, thx 💐


aggressive spiritual awareness, ftw!/?

finally made it to the 2010s– thee kim era– of the ICONIC! ACCLAIMED! RIVETING! kim kardashian selfie book saga, and am THRILLED about it.

it's truly the little things, bby.