it's wonderful.

Thursday, February 2, 2023


happy new year indeed.
i do little things, like change the background on my phone, start (re)using some long since forgotten about but verrry beautiful journal with the help of a lovely set of fine point pens that were an impulse buy during an impulse trip to target, drink more water, pee more often, consciously make efforts to readjust my attitude, and set short-term goals at the start of every new year.
never fails. it's my process.

this year, though, it feels natural and more intentional than it has in recent years. it's been a joy, doing micro acts that don't require much of me at all, yet somehow manage to bring me the greatest amount of peace.
i'd like to think that's a form of self-growth.


this week makes 6 years with this one...


i don't necessarily care for styling it as a ~new year's resolution~, but i'm making a conscious effort to practice drawing on a more regular basis going forward- bodies posing, bodies relaxed, bodies in movement... shading, probably... eventually...
looking forward to seeing progress over time.

somebody was eating good on my 10th bday, lol.

work of art by my niece, who watched the entire harry potter movie collection over the course of one (1) single weekend and had this takeaway.