sure :)

Saturday, February 25, 2023

ava's been obsessed with wanting to try boba tea since she saw somebody drinking it in a youtube vlog, no doubt. 
literally every third day up until yday, i've been bombarded with questions about when she can have it, what kinda flavors "they" have, 
what the ~bubbles~ are like...
being bulldozed with questions of any variety from her is business as usual, so that part didn't wear me out- if anything, i'm just thankful that she's detoured from asking for a pink lamborghini and a mcmansion with a pool...
anyway, finally, we went to make it happen.
...and, $8 + tip later, she didn't like it, lmao.
told her that it's great to try new things and decide what is and isn't for you; 
it's the best determiner that we have out here.
she's like, "yeah, great, cool story, now please get this away from me."
"fine." (i didn't like it either.)
saw the most amazing dog out, too.
his name is winston, he was like something straight out of the intro of 101 dalmations– the original one, don't be ridiculous– and i love him automatically.

6th place shawty.

next week makes 8 (eight!) years with the one that made me a mom in the first place...
the sweetest, kindest, most darling little girl.

nostalgia is forever.*


(anyone interested enough is encouraged to inquire within for more info on why i believe woody is terrible.)*