Tuesday, August 23, 2022


maybe like two years ago, i was shopping at one of my local go-to spots and noticed a new shop in the midst of all my regulars. while passively checking it out as i was walking by, i spotted a piece of art in the window that immediately caught my attention and held it strongly enough that i made the split decision to go inside the establishment to inquire about it. i eventually came to find that this new "shop" was actually a big, open space dedicated to the purposes of being rented out for kids' events. decent sh-t.

the art in the window was the work of an atlanta-based girl that i had been following on instagram for years up to that point– atleast two, by then. i'd recognized it in an instant. it's a very distinct style of art. unmistakable.

there was a single person inside. an older lady, busying herself in the space, but she was welcoming when i came in. i asked her if the art in the window was a "girls instagram name" piece– just out of general curiosity cuz i was surprised to be seeing her work in person, finally, as opposed to on a phone screen. the way that lady's face lit up, man, i'll never forget. only a mom could pull that kinda pride up outta them from nowhere about their baby. this was shawty's mom. i had interrupted her day by coming into her newly leased space to inquire about the source of the art displayed in her windows, which was that of her very own daughter. she was all too thrilled to chop it up with me for a bit, of course. she asked me how i knew her daughter, how i recognized her work, asked if her daughter knew me... it was an unexpectedly thrilling experience and i remember it fondly.

fast forward, two years after that, i got invited to participate in an artists' showcase for RAW. up to that point, i'd been invited two other times and pulled out both times, so the third time was indeed the charm this go around. 

on location, the night of- after drinking more red bulls than the law should allow, while setting up my booth with the help of my sister- i started going around to properly meet the other artists there. we had all "met" prior to the event during a skype/chat session that involved all us players; we followed one another's socials at the time, as you do, but meeting in person was, to me, a necessary reinforcement. i love creators.

in making the rounds, i immediately recognized shawty's work because, again, very distinct art; unmistakable. im screaming and grabbing her shoulders and shouting her old instagram name– thats what i knew her by, but she'd since changed it. artistic reinvention. it happens.

in response to some crazy girl screaming in her face and shouting her now retired name, she was beaming with the kind of natural openness to the unknown that can only be found in my most favorite kinds of people.

then, in the split second that i'd recalled it even happening, i shouted that i'd met her mom.

like... just imagine the confusion she must've experienced in that moment, overall, lol. i explained the entire scenario that had transpired two years ago. and then, surprisingly, she met me where i was on WILD ISLAND, with big eyes, pointing a finger at me, saying, "i remember that! she called me and told me she just met a girl that asked her about my art in her window and that yall had a little conversation! girl, i didn't know WHAT she was talking about–!" 

we laughed, embraced, bigged each other up, and ensured that we were following each other on instagram- which, i mean, i wasn't really using much of at the time, but still lol.

i say all that to say... the world is so small

how could you not love it? how could you not be enamored?



got a ~novelty grab bag~ for cheap from what is essentially an online thrift shop of sorts, from no other than portland, oregon itself. if you're anything like me, just picture a portlandia short, and im certain we got the image of what goes on there exactly right on the first try. 
24 cassettes at like 60¢ a pop. how could i not. to boot?? got some classic gems in that guy- joshua tree? jolene? frank thee sinatra?? our very own sax king, kenny g? 
stop playing.
the kenny g on its own couldn't be any better timed, either, cuz i was just listening to him get down on jesus is king and it reminded me just how much of my life kenny g has been apart of. i'm talking bout since i was a JIT. and he's still getting busy! behold an absolute legend.

there's plenty of others that were included that i can't wait to listen to over time.
we live bby.