found footage.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022


we played karaoke, drank everything, indulged, hung, shared, laughed, ate, banished the children to the other-worldy lower level, with board games, table hockey, toys, other assorted ~kids stuff~, played with the idea of getting in the hot tub (regrettably never did), and did the campfire thing after some trial and error of getting a fire going and actually sustaining it...
i was the diligent footage-capturer, as usual for these kinds of events, but nobody was thrilled that i was collecting what i referred to as what would "come to be known as our found footage!" on our BIG blair witch project. they said it sounded eerie and prophetic. as if being in the middle of nowhere wasn't already doing most of the heavy lifting there.
it occurs to me that not everyone is as comfortable as i am with the thought of death.


but our final night there was my favorite. 

it was freezing outside, but criminally hot inside, so we opened the back door and got a lovely cross between the two extremes and everyone that was down to get spooky was invited to the horror movie  mini marathon, where we watched a jason flick, a michael myers flick, and, finally, texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning.

on the subject of whom i consider to be the most horrific of all the given horror-guys, between michael myers and leatherface, it's a toss up. they just do it for me. michael myers is more scary to me in a hopeless way because evading him is impossible, no matter how much effort is given, whereas leatherface is frightening to me in a more sinister way. leatherface comes with torture, pain, gore.

there were around five or six of us indulging in the mini marathon, hollering and screaming in unison- a truly unprecedented sense of community between us- with the back door wide open to the dead darkness of the night, in the middle of nowhere. it almost started to feel like we, too, were in threat of imminent danger and that a psychopath from the woods surrounding our cabin could at any point descend on us and wreak havoc. AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. i cant speak for anybody else, but it was a thrilling experience, and although we (very thankfully) lived to tell the tale, by the end of the beginning, we were damn near tripping over each other to close the back door, check that all windows were locked, and double checking that every single door in the place was locked.


cannot wait to do it again.